Readers ask: Where Was Eat Pray Love Filmed In Bali?

Where did Eat Pray Love stay in Bali?

Eat Pray Love Hotel Package at Kamandalu Ubud – Resort and Spa in Bali. Experience a piece of Elizabeth Gilbert’s self-discovery journey in Ubud, as seen in Eat Pray Love the movie.

Where is Eat Pray Love filmed?

Eat Pray Love began principal photography in August 2009. Filming locations include New York City (United States), Rome and Naples (Italy), Delhi and Pataudi (India), Ubud and Padang-Padang Beach at Bali (Indonesia).

Where did Elizabeth Gilbert go in Bali?

Like the hundreds of other guests, I stayed in Nusa Dua, a sandy hotel strip about an hour and a half from Ubud, which is set further inland amid hills and rice patties. There were just too many traditional ceremonies, buffet dinners, and dance parties to make it that far.

Which Indonesian island appeared in the film Eat Pray Love?

Locations in Eat, Pray, Love (the Movie) Most of the Bali locations for Eat Pray Love, the movie, were filmed in and around Ubud.

Is Ketut Liyer still alive?

Sadly, Ketut Liyer died in 2016. But as is traditional for Balinese healers, the baton has been passed on to his son. You can still visit the traditional family compound of Ketut Liyer, and have your fortune told by his son, who is also a medicine man.

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Where was Eat Pray Love filmed in Italy?

Filming Eat Pray Love in Rome Julia Roberts was welcomed with open arms into Italy’s capital city, Rome. Before filming in Naples and then moving on to India and Indonesia, the cast and crew set up shop and filmed in lovely Piazza Navona, Rome’s famous shopping street Via Condotti and the lovely Borghese Gardens.

Who is Stephen in Eat Pray Love?

Eat Pray Love (2010) – Billy Crudup as Stephen – IMDb.

How old is Liz Eat Pray Love?

“Sixteen years ago today — on September 3, 2004 — I got on a plane to Italy, to begin the journey that would eventually become EAT PRAY LOVE,” she wrote in the caption on Instagram. “This is what I looked like, just a few months before I left for Italy.” ” I was 33 years old.

Who does Liz end up with in Eat Pray Love?

Elizabeth Gilbert is a financially settled writer based in New York. Her married life hits rock bottom. She wants to end her eight-year marriage to Steven (Billy Crudup), but he doesn’t agree to the divorce.

Where is Bali located?

Bali, island and propinsi (or provinsi; province) in the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia. It is situated 1 mile (1.6 km) east of the island of Java, separated by the narrow Bali Strait. Area province, 2,232 square miles (5,780 square km).

Where did Julia Roberts stay in Eat Pray Love?

JULIA ROBERTS’ VILLA IN UBUD You can actually stay here! You can book it on AIR BNB for a very small price too! Also a quick reminder that the accomodation was ‘pimped’ for the movie, so don’t expect the same luxurious decor.

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