Readers ask: How Many Velocity Points To Fly To Bali?

What can 20000 Velocity points get you?

With 20,000 points you can secure yourself a seat on many popular domestic and international routes, including between Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, as well as Sydney to Auckland. Using your points to book a hotel room is also possible in the Velocity program.

Where will 50000 Velocity points get you?

Rewards include a return economy flight from Sydney to Bali or a return economy flight from Perth to Singapore for 45,000 points. You could also get a one-way business class flight from Perth to Auckland for 50,000 points.

What does 40000 Velocity points get?

With a balance 40,000 Velocity Points, you could book five of these flights (plus taxes, of course). This could give you especially good value for shorter regional routes where cash fares may be high.

What does 10000 Qantas points get you?

So if you’ve got 10,000 Qantas Points on hand, they would be worth as little as $50 or as much as $600 – and naturally you’d be eager to avoid the ‘chump change’ end of the spectrum.

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How many Qantas points is $100?

For example, Qantas sells $100 David Jones gift cards for 18,010 points, meaning your points are worth about 0.56 cents each. You can also get a $100 Woolworths gift card for 19,650 points, which drops your point purchasing power down to just 0.51 cents apiece.

How many Velocity points do you get per flight?

When booking eligible Domestic, Trans-Tasman and International Short Haul flights you will earn 5 Velocity Points per $1 spent on the entire fare, not just the portion you are paying for with cash. Platinum, Gold and Silver members also earn a Points bonus in addition to the Base Points4 earned.

How many Velocity points do I need to fly?

How many Velocity Points do you need to fly? The minimum Velocity Points you need is 7,800 points for a short one-way Economy Class redemption. A long-haul international Business Class redemption (e.g. from Australia to London) will need up to 139,000 Velocity Points.

How long do Velocity points last?

Velocity Points expire after 24 months of balance inactivity.

How much is 50000 Virgin points worth?

How much are 50,000 Virgin Atlantic points worth? According to NerdWallet’s analysis, 50,000 Virgin Atlantic points are worth about $550.

Should I convert Flybuys to velocity?

Velocity Frequent Flyers will enjoy a 15% higher transfer rate from flybuys, in a move that now matches the Qantas-Woolworths Everyday Rewards partnership in terms of points-earning ability. Effective immediately, you can now swap 1,000 flybuys points for 500 Velocity Points online, at any time.

How many points do you need for a Virgin flight?

Standard season Reward Flights start from as little as 18,000 points for an Economy Classic return flight. Peak season Reward Flights start from 22,000 points for an Economy Classic return flight.

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What’s better Qantas or velocity?

Verdict: Velocity for flights and Qantas for gifts If you compare the same flight from the two different airlines, Velocity offers a slightly better redemption rate at 7,800 points compared to 8,000 points (excluding any additional taxes or fees).

How many Flybuys points equals $1?

While you’ll earn 1 Flybuys point per $1 spent at Coles, you can earn more points with some other retailers. For example, you can earn 3 points per $1 spent with Budget and 2 points per $1 spent with Discovery Parks and Gday Parks. See our Flybuys guide for a full list of how many points you can earn with each partner.

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