Quick Answer: Where Can I Find Clothing Manufacturers In Bali?

What city in Indonesia manufactures clothing?

Textile, apparel and footwear production is scattered across many of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands but the sector hubs are mostly based on the islands of Java — where the country’s commercial and fashion capital Jakarta is located — as well as Sumatra, Sulawesi and Bali.

Where are Bali products manufactured?

If you are looking for a product that is unique and beautiful, Indonesia has it. We have been based here for many years, and have made connections with many reputable manufacturer Indonesia here.

Where are most clothing factories located?

The countries where most of our clothes are made, from the high street are made in are Bangladesh, India, China, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

How do I choose a clothing manufacturer?

Must-Haves Before You Start looking

  1. Make sure you have an idea of your budget.
  2. Know the type of capabilities you’ll need your manufacturer to have.
  3. Have a time frame.
  4. Know the amount you are looking to produce.
  5. A working prototype or sample of your product.
  6. Create or have a techpack.

What clothing brands are made in Indonesia?

10 Clothing Brands You Probably Didn’t Know Were Made in Indonesia

  • Day and Night.
  • Get Dirrty.
  • PVRA.
  • Seratus Kapas.
  • Cotton Ink.
  • Public Culture.
  • Beatrice Clothing.
  • Posh The Label.
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Is Calvin Klein made in Indonesia?

Even though clothing is made in bulk at Indonesian manufacturing plants, many factories take the time to ensure adequate quality. Even brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein use garment and textile manufacturers from Indonesia.

Can I get clothes made in Bali?

Clothing Production Made Easy. onelove is your partner for fashion production. Bali today is a hot spot of creativity and an important manufacturing hub. With onelove designers can have their creations produced to the highest quality standards at an economic advantage not found anywhere else in the world.

Is Bali swim a good manufacturer?

Yes, absolutely! Bali is a great place to produce swimwear. There are several excellent swimwear factories in Bali in fact. As a hotspot for fashion and beach culture, Bali attracts swimwear designers from around the world.

Which country has the best fabrics?

Countries with the Best Quality Fabric

  • Ghana. Ghana is famous to save its tradition where oil, timber, and gold are the symbols of their ancient culture.
  • Nigeria.
  • India.
  • Pakistan.
  • China.
  • Morocco.
  • Malaysia.

How much do clothing manufacturers charge?

The costs of starting a clothing line depends on the scale and business size you are planning. For small batch clothing production, you can already jump start with $500. If you are thinking of a medium sized clothing company then $1,500 up to $5,000 should be sufficient enough.

How do I find out what manufacturer brands use?

Another way to find a manufacturer for your product is by identifying a similar product that’s on the market and then finding the manufacturer who created it. You can do this by using the already-made product’s NAICS code.

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