Quick Answer: Lawyer X What Happened In Bali?

What did lawyer X do?

Few stories have rocked Victoria as much as the so-called “lawyer X” scandal, which revealed that high-profile criminal barrister Nicola Gobbo had been used by police as an informant. It triggered a royal commission into the affair, which after months of explosive evidence, has now released its findings.

Is juicy a real person in Informer 3838?

Who is Juicy and why did Nicola turn on him? Lawyer X meets “Juicy” at the beginning of episode one and they’re engaged pretty soon in the second episode. Ms Gobbo had many on-and-off-again relationships while she was informing, but unfortunately Juicy is just fictional – including his storyline.

Who was juicy in Informer 3838?

Rhys Muldoon as Terrence Hodson. Jacquie Brennan as Christine Hodson. Stephen Peacocke as Paul Dale. Richard Davies as Kevin ‘Juicy’ Jucirovic.

Did Nicola Gobbo commit a crime?

The royal commission said the convictions or findings of guilt of 1011 people may have been affected by Ms Gobbo’s involvement, including Mokbel’s. Two convictions have been quashed already and several appeals are before the court at the moment. The first conviction to fall was Faruk Orman’s.

What did Gobbo do?

Ms Gobbo was an informer for police between 2005 and 2009 while acting as a legal adviser for some of the most infamous criminals in Victoria. She told Trace: The Informer, she could not stay indefinitely overseas. She accepts if police officers believe anyone, especially a child, is in danger they need to step in.

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How did Nicola Gobbo become an informant?

The supergrass lawyer was first registered as an informer in 1995 when she was a student and dobbed on her boyfriend for drug trafficking. “I wasn’t aware that I was registered by them until it came out in the media,” Gobbo said. Gobbo was recruited that time after claiming a legal colleague was laundering money.

What nationality is Nicola Gobbo?

In 2016 she filed an affidavit stating “that ‘Lawyer X’s’ identity was common knowledge within the legal fraternity and that she was aware of ‘Lawyer X’s’ true identity.” Garde-Wilson is a graduate of the University of Western Australia, where she resided at St. George’s College.

Who is lawyer x Melbourne?

After life as a secret police informer, Nicola Gobbo became a regular suburban mum. Nicola Gobbo sued Victoria Police in 2010 for failing to protect her as a witness. Ms Gobbo’s identity was kept secret after a desperate and costly legal fight by Victoria Police and instead she was known only as Lawyer X.

Who did lawyer X Defend?

Lawyer X was a defence barrister acting for feared gangland and mafia figures in Victoria. At the same time she was also a police informant.

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