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What if we told you that your dream holiday to Bali just became even more affordable? Yep, that’s right with…

The Best of Bali


The Best of Bali voucher book NOW for only $37 and save over $1000 on some of Bali’s best restaurants, cafes, tours, spas, activities and a whole lot more!

  • The book is valid for a full 16 months (from 1st Dec 2017 to 30th March 2019)

  • 133 vouchers to some of Bali’s Best spas, restaurants, tours, activities, cafes and much more.

  • Jam packed with discounts, deals and offers

  • Contains a lot of other handy information like when the exchange your money, a currency conversion page, emergency contact, a practical dictionary and a lot more!

  • If you have a discount code you can apply it at the top of this page.

  • Even if you only used the first four vouchers in the book you will save the cost of the book. Now that’s worth it!

Order today and experience the Bali holiday you deserve!

With savings as high as 50% off the full price, The Best Of Bali Voucher Book is an essential holiday companion. Make your holiday savings stretch further and pre-order your copy today for only $57.

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