Where can I get The Best Of Bali App?2019-03-29T14:12:18+00:00

The Best of Bali app is currently in production and is coming soon! It will be available to download for FREE on the App Store and Google Play Store.

What is in The Best of Bali voucher App?2019-07-09T10:16:27+00:00

The Best of Bali voucher app contains over $1,000 worth of vouchers, such as discounts and 2-for-1 offers, to a variety of businesses including hotels, restaurants, bars, beauty salons, theme parks and cultural attractions.

How do I use the vouchers?2019-03-29T14:13:18+00:00

You will be able to simply present a voucher on your smart phone at a participating business to receive the discount or offer. Make sure you read any terms or conditions on the voucher before using.

How long are the vouchers valid for?2019-03-29T14:13:49+00:00

All the vouchers in the app are valid 12 months from business sign up. Even if you don’t use them all in one trip, there is plenty of time to use the rest on your next Bali holiday.

Can I use my vouchers on another trip to Bali?2019-03-29T14:14:08+00:00

Of course! You can use the vouchers any time as long as they are still showing in your app.

I am having trouble with a business accepting my voucher, what should I do?2019-03-29T14:14:57+00:00

In the unlikely event that you have trouble presenting your voucher, please contact us with the details. All businesses in the app have been carefully selected by Bali Savers and we have worked closely with staff to ensure they are ready to welcome you.

We take any concerns or complaints seriously, so if you have any feedback please email suzanne@balisavers.com and we will do our best to provide a resolution.

Are there any times I can’t use a voucher?2017-10-25T14:03:56+00:00

There are no blackout periods other than public holidays.

How can I advertise my business?2018-01-16T06:39:57+00:00

We love welcoming new businesses to Bali Savers. Please email suzanne@balisavers.com with your business details and we will get back to you.

How can I contact Bali Savers?2019-03-29T14:15:19+00:00

For feedback or general enquiries please contact us at suzanne@balisavers.com